10 Ideas for Theme Parties That Aren’t Casino Night

Have you noticed how every prom/spring formal theme is either 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea or A Night to Remember? Here are some ideas for less played-out themes.

You can only bring Mexican or Canadian beer. Molson, anyone?

2. Come As Your Favorite Johnny Depp
You can also subsitute David Bowie, since his outfits work on either gender.

3. Botox-a-thon
If it’s good enough for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it’s good enough for you.

4. Ugly Outfit
Got a terrible bridesmaid dress or Christmas sweater hanging out in storage? It can finally see the light of day again.

5. Come As Your Favorite Fictional Character
Because bragging about how well-read you are never gets old.

6. Hangover Remedy Roundup
Everyone has their own patented hangover remedy. Bring yours, and hand them out randomly at the end of the night. Then you report back the next day.

7. I’m Not Having a Baby Shower
Cute games with clothespins, lots of pink and blue cupcakes … and no one is actually pregnant.

8. Assholepokerrulespong
Combine every drinking game you’ve ever heard of into one giant one.

9. Charity Project
Balance out your drinking by occasionally doing something for others.

10. Just get drunk with your friends and don’t bother coming up with some cutesy premise

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