The Daily Bieber: The 10 Best Justin Bieber-Themed Shoes

We’re thinking of getting some new shoes and we’re torn between these cute oxfords we saw at a boutique in Brooklyn, new Louboutin pumps, or a pair of sneakers with Justin Bieber‘s face on them. We know, we know — go with the Biebs, right? Okay, we’re sold. Check out our gallery of the best JB-themed footwear on the web.

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    • natasha

      i love these, where did you get them or did you make them? please tell mee, i really want some:)

    • Jada Bieber

      Where did you get these??

    • jess


    • lauren

      O M B these are awsome where did you get them they are soo cute :)

    • brosia

      omg i will love these tell me were do i get some

    • paola

      omggggg!!!!!!! i wanted i know who gonna buy it fo0r my (saanta clause) in the33 wayy mistletoe is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! l,ove you justin bieber <3

    • Minnie

      OMFB! thats amazing i have seen these shoes b4 on something else (not remembering lol) but they are amazing an di would LOVE to have a pair! <3 :D

    • sylvia

      my name is sylvia i have a 4 year old daughter and she has been asking me for ever to get her some justin bieber shoes with his face on them but i can not find any in her size if anyone knows where i can find them plzzz send me an email thanks

    • Ashley Gallardo

      please tell me where i can get a pair of these shoes my daughter would love them….please please please send me an email

    • Tamara .

      Omb were did you find the, shoes .?

    • Tamara .

      OMB. We’re did you find these shoes .?