Conspiracy Theory: The Jenny and Johnny Song ‘My Pet Snakes’ Is About Blake Sennett

Former Rilo Kiley lead singer (well, she might be the current singer, since the band hasn’t broken up officially) Jenny Lewis‘ side project is a collaboration with her boyfriend, singer/songwriter Johnathan Rice. My favorite track on the album, I’m Having Fun Now, is “My Pet Snakes,” because it is a) catchy, and b) probably the only pop song ever that has used the word “ourobouros” in it. However, when you pay attention to the lyrics, shit starts to get interesting. I’m 99 percent convinced that the song is about Rilo Kiley member – and Jenny’s ex – Blake Sennett. Let’s go straight to the text.

And I don’t believe in double vision
And I don’t think that two heads are better than one
All I can see is ouroboros
When my pet snakes are sizing me up

And if you don’t believe in destiny
Then take what you’re given
Oh, you and I got caught between magic and business

Jenny and Blake got caught between “magic” (their relationship) and “business” (their band/job).

We walked in on you while you were polishing your knives
(While your eyes were turning green)
Sleeping in a twin bed with a serpent by your side
(Are you trying to compete with me?)
Talk a lot of shit but you would never start a fight
(Fantasize about killing me)
God it makes me queasy when you smile
(Through your jealousy)

Jenny is definitely the biggest star in Rilo Kiley. Blake does have a side project, The Elected, but it’s easy to see how he could be envious of his more recognizable/famous ex.

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    • Jess

      He’ll always be Pinsky to me.

      • Lilit Marcus

        Me too! So glad I’m not the only one.

    • Brion K

      It’s so annoying when people say Jenny is “the biggest star.” You could say that Stevie Nicks is the biggest star in Fleetwood Mac, but at the end of the day it’s LINDSEY BUNCKINGHAM’S music you are enjoying! The elected’s albums have been far superior to Jenny Lewis’ solo work. Jenny and Johnny is great, very poppy and simple. I love it. However, as a musician, it is all about the elected (more so in Sun, Sun, Sun) BTW listen to “BIGGEST STAR”, that song will blow anything out of the water. It’s honestly one to make SRV and Hendrix proud.