Bobbi Kristina Brown Responds To Alleged Cocaine Pic

With the photo proof of Bobbi Kristina snorting what looks to be cocaine, the 17-year-old (who turns 18 tomorrow – happy birthday!) has taken to what has become a publicist’s nightmare: Twitter. She tweeted a response to the surfacing of the picture, blaming it on a guy that she once loved but who was only after her money. She also tweets about Jesus, and says that “God will smite them.” Check out the tweets:

But this is not the worst part. What horrifies me is how she says she does not want to grow up, then (in response to her tweets about tattoos) Bobbi Kristina says that she is her “father’s child”…something that is just downright scary.  We can’t be the only ones thinking…”like your dad and drugs?”

She may not want to grow up, but in my opinion she is doing some grown up things. And this is not the first time. Back when she was 14 she was busted on MySpace with a bunch of pictures of her drinking and smoking weed with friends:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Bobbi Kristina has three things going against her: her dad, her mom, and the fact that she’s in Hollywood. Can she make it? Let’s hope so.

[Bobbi Kristina's Twitter and Photo Source: Necole Bitchie]

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    • Patricia Dombrowski

      Today is so much different then when I grew up. Even when my daughters were growing up. It’s like you can’t reason with teens today. This article makes me worry about this person getting into worse drugs.

    • Vanessa Prat

      So true Patricia, I agree with you completely. I was actually thinking about when I first saw The Real World and how it was about race, religion and so much more and how they can come together, it was teaching people. I mean look at Pedro and his stance on HIV, and now its just all about sex, and how everybody is hooking up. It makes sense that its good for ratings, but its also quite boring at this point.

      Times have changed and nothing really is shocking anymore, unless of course Charlie Sheen does it.