Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Following In Bobby and Whitney’s Druggie Footsteps?

As the only person on earth who watched every episode of Being Bobby Brown, I can tell you that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston are really effed up. I came out of the show with zero sympathy for either of them and a whole lot for their daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi was a shy, somewhat awkward kid who clearly had to deal with parenting her messed-up parents. And what teenager wouldn’t be mortified by hearing their mom and dad talk about sex and “dootie bubbles” on national television? Sadly, it sounds like Bobbi might be following in her troubled parents’ footsteps. Perez Hilton posted a photo of Bobbi doing what appears to be snorting coke. The photo appears in this week’s National Enquirer – the same publication that posted photos of Whitney’s “crack den” in the past. Do they have a source inside the family? I’d bet on Bobby himself, who seems perpetually broke and is constantly being hauled into court for not paying child support to his various babymommas.

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    • raya bain

      you are so much smarter than that sweet heart u have such a bright future a head of you though yo mother and father made this mistake u shouldn’t look at them and don’t make their mistakes best wishes( raya bain)

    • Karneb

      I’m glad to see that Diane Sawyer intereview again. It reminded what an ass Diane Sawyer is. She is a heartless Bi$ch. She new Whitney was a druggie and she did everything in her power to make her feel even worse about herself. Good going Diane, how you feeling today you idiot?