Shocker: Kim Kardashian’s First Single, ‘Jam’ Totally Sucks

Oh Kim Kardashian, stick to what you’re good at — you know, reality TV, having a nice butt, and tweeting salad endorsements. Kim’s first single, “Jam,” which she admitted to Ryan Seacrest was “out of her comfort zone,” is laughably bad and nearly unlistenable. By which we mean: get ready for this to be the club hit of 2011!


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    • Lucia Peters

      Didn’t we already go through this with Paris oh so many years ago?

    • faye

      This is inconceivable.

    • Aidanski

      Never thought I would hear a song that could be awesome if only Ke$ha would do a cover.

    • Ha

      She should stick to taking off her clothes and showing off her fake butt which is ugly.This song sucks.

    • Nikola

      idk why u hatin on this song, i think it’s very sweet song, with a little bit of vain energy, and of course, I think this’d be the bangeri in clubs ! And I like her voice in this song, it’s so sweet n soft <3 P.S. I'm not her fan, I just like her.