‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Elsa Patton’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Pics

Bravo’s newest Real Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of Miami, premiered last Tuesday, to mixed reviews. I’m still not sure how I feel about it; it seems like a lot of the women are too guarded, and watch what they say, which can be a death sentence to Real Housewives. I’m just hoping we don’t have another Real Housewives of D.C. on our hands.

Last week, Meghan wrote about the one definite star of the show: Elsa Patton, mother of one of the housewives, Marysol Patton. Let’s address the elephant in the room: what’s up with Elsa’s face? Is it a result of botched plastic surgery? Is she a plastic surgery addict? Could that really be a result of her genes?

Compare her above mugshot (taken when she was charged with a DUI this summer; Marysol was also charged with a DUI) to these childhood pictures that Marysol uploaded to Bravotv.com. Do these old pictures look like this could be Elsa’s natural face? Did Elsa have plastic surgery before taking these pictures? Or do you think she had plastic surgery after taking these pictures?

To me, it looks like she definitely had work done way back in the day (who’s eyebrows arch at such a severe angle naturally?) And I think she’s definitely had some work done since. I’m willing to bet she’s at least had a face-lift since then. What do you guys think?

Update: Check out more old photos of Elsa Patton here.

NEW Update: Marysol finally spilled the beans on what really happened to Elsa’s face!

(Photo via Starcasm and Free Reality TV)

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    • Seghi

      Hi hannah Rose!
      She definitely went under knife and I bet that M. Rourke gave her unfortunately his plastic surgeon’s’ contacts…

      • Irishlass

        LOL! So true!

    • SS

      That look is only achieved after several procedures. No one looks like this naturally and no one looks like this after 1 facelift either. She’s had a good 2 or more.

    • libratwo

      Oh she looks hideous!!!! she should not be shown on this program.

    • ruby

      She looks like a monster!! Its scary to even lokk at her! Please Bravo take her off

    • Gabby

      Like Mother, like daughter. Both of these ladies have a plastic look. The mother is just plain creepy and the daughter has had something done with her lips, eyes and probably her breasts…the photos of her on the internet now do not even look like her DUI arrest photo. I wasn’t even sure it was the same person.

    • julia reilly

      Who are these people?

    • maggie

      i know…the first time they showed her , i jumped..wow..she looks like that woman from new york (“cat woman”) who has had several, and i mean, several procedures…she seems like a funny woman, but, she needs some serious fixing up…any plastic surgeons out there???

    • ziggy711

      That lady is so scary! i would never let my mother walk out the house or be shown on tv like that. Both her and her daughter look a hot mess like they got in a dog fight or something.

    • Marlene

      I think she looks awful. Scary looking. I would never walk out of the house if I looked like that.

      • DEBBIE


    • sista rose

      this woman is a train wreck! i have to admit im facinated and wish they would show more of her and less of the other twits they are nauseating!!!

    • Nancy Myers

      The daughter looks pretty bad and very plastic but the mother, OMG!! She looks awful! Does anyone ever tell these women how plastic and hideous they look? Marysol’s boyfriend looks at the mother with a terrified look on his face, aye, yi, yi!!

    • Irishlass

      She looks like she was beat with the ugly stick. Her mouth hardly moves when she talks, and what’s up with her eyes?? She looks like Mask’s twin sister!

    • Danielle

      Leave her alone I love them both. the more I you watch elsa you don’t see that. She is a very funny woman

    • Michele (1-L)

      I just HAD TO GOOGLE Elsa!!!!!! I would have sworn she was “THE CAT LADY.” Now I know I was mistaken, but for those of you who have seen the 2 of them, you have to have felt the same. They could be TWINS!!!! They must be regulars of the same Plastic Surgeon–and he should have his license REVOKED!! I hope Marysol reads all these comments and DOESN’T follow in Mama’s PAW PRINTS!!!!!!!!

    • Lissette

      If you google plastic surgery cooking oil disasters, it looks like she may be a victim. She looks like her plastic surgeon did the same thing as Priscilla Presley.

    • deltah

      Yes she is the most hilarious woman EVER! But to keep it real, she does look like a muppet character and she should have whatever was done wrong reversed

    • Angie

      I love Elsa! Her pictures prior to plastic surgery are amazing. While it is apparent that whatever work was done may have left her looking as is, her personality, humor, and genuine personality shine through! I love it! :)

      • anniemo

        Are you kidding?!! Not only does she look like something from another planet but her personality stinks. I don’t find her funny at all. I think she is obnoxious!

    • heather

      she is absolutely scariest looking person i have ever seen! i don’t watch the show because the women are all awful. but also because scares me. she is truly frightening.

    • Louise

      They are both train wrecks you would think that Marysol would have avoided the knife sheesh take A good look in the mirror and god what about her friends don’t they have a the nerve to say your surgeon is a quack!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      You can definitely tell the daughter had a little work done, she shouldn’t do anymore though otherwise she will end up looking like that freak face mom of hers. That lady is quite scary!

      • Dove

        You’d think that with her mother looking like that it would have scared her off of any surgery for life… yikes..