The Real Housewives of New York City Analyze ‘Bethenny Ever After’, Episode One

So, Bethenny Ever After premiered last night. For those of you who watched, and have watched Bethenny Frankel throughout all her reality TV endeavors, you could probably give a good summary and a thoughtful analysis of what happened on the first episode. However, we thought we might see what the Real Housewives of New York City might say about the show. Take a look through our gallery to see what we imagine each housewife might have to say.

(Photos via Bravo)

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    • PAT

      I was a big Bethenny fan til last night’s episode, She treated Jason’s parents terrible! She broke their heart about having her OWN family times. Being a out of state grandparent myself, I felt broken hearted for them. Jason should rethink his life with her. He’s right, his parents should be more important than anything. Enjoy every moment you can with them, because you never know what will happen one day, VERY DISAPPOINTED with bethennys cold attitude towards them.

    • Charmaine

      I agree with the previous comment. I felt sorry for Jason & his parents also. Bethenny is a controller and self centered. When they played some of last years shows yesterday Bethenny was on there crying saying she didn’t want to work and leave Brynn and within a couple months she was out on a book tour and “Skating with the stars” and talking about how her baby had helped her brand. Jason is so so much wiser and a humble down to earth person who doesn’t put up any pretense about where he came from. Of course Miss boarding school can’t appreciate true hometown America childhoods and that’s sad.I’m glad Jason disagrees with her when she gets off on these tangents. I can see why she wants to get back to LA and play that scene. She has a great guy that many women would love to catch and she doesn’t want to even take the time to bask in it unless it’s something that can be filmed.
      I hope Jason thinks again about a second child cause if things go sour these children will definitely be in big trouble or I suppose as long as she has a good nurse/nanny she can continue to do what she wants. I read a comment about her saying she was giving her baby a happy home (??) and she felt sorry for the many unhappy babies out there. Give me a break. Does she have a foundation to help some of these poor unhappy babies who are being born to crack mothers and incarcerated fathers or is she just happy she has enough money to give her daughter the material things.

    • Tiff

      Jason’s parents stopped being the most important when he married bethanny and when bryn was born. they are now the most important. im not saying i 100% agree with bethanny’s tactics but they do need their own family time. they have their OWN family now. bethanny just needs to take a breathe and re think her words. but thats how bethanny is, shes never, not once, held back on how she felt. she shouldn’t be criticized for that.

    • Chris

      The selfish, self centered attitude is going to be the demise of her happy marriage. I think Jason is realizing this marriage will only succeed if everything revolves around Bettheny’s needs. She has NO idea how ridiculous she comes across when she has a healthy, devoted husband and two loving, non-interfering grandparents who merely want to share in Brynn’s life. That is a rarity these days. I’m pretty sure I’m done watching The World According to Bethenney.

    • Pat

      I wish people would lay off Bethenny this is all new to her – she’s a first time mom. She is who she is, and people like her that’s why she has a show. There’s a lot of pressure on her coming from every angle. I honestly wish she wouldn’t do that show. A new marriage doesn’t need to be in the spot light. It hasn’t worked for all the others that came before her, e.g., Jessica Simpson. If I could say one thing to Bethanny it would be stop while you’re ahead, because while this reality show might be good for business it’s not good for a new marriage. Although,if she did stop I would miss seeing them – I really like them all. Be happy Bethanny and be smart.