‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska’s Dad Has a Website for His Dental Practice

Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska‘s dad Randy Houska is a total enabler. He pays for the house where Chelsea, her loser boyfriend Adam Lind, and their baby Aubree live rent-free, and even though he hates Adam Randy won’t kick him out. So where is Randy getting the money to pay for this house? He must be making good money at his dental practice, because he sure didn’t invest a lot of cash in making a website for his business. (Click here to see the site – but turn off your sound so you won’t have to listen to the cheesy background music.)

Randy co-owns the practice with his wife, Chelsea’s stepmom, who is also a dentist. According to some rumors we’ve heard, Randy’s wife is embarrassed by Chelsea and wants no part of Teen Mom. (She also wasn’t in Chelsea’s original 16 and Pregnant episode, lending some credence to the theory.) Does this explain why Randy was so willing to set Chelsea up in a place of her own – so she wouldn’t be living at home and continuing to create awkward family tension? It looks like being a dentist in South Dakota is pretty lucrative if he’s able to afford rent on multiple places. If the guy really wanted to make money, he should replace the model on his website with a photo of Chelsea.

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    • Renae

      She Doesn’t Live There Anymore. Your Only Going By What’s On The Show. Crushable REALLY Needs Some New Writers…Oh And FYI She Dumped Adam After The Reunion In LA When Chelsea’s Father & Adam Got Into A Verbal Fight That Suprisingly Didn’t Turn Physical.

      If Crushable Is Paying You, They Are REALLY Wasting Their Money.

    • Livelife

      You people are stupid. Get your facts straighten anyways. If you actually watched Chelsea’s 16 & Pregnant epsiode you would know that her mom actually was in it. Dumbasses.

      • live laugh love

        your the fucking stupid ass! they are talking about her STEP-MOM not wanting to be apart of the show! not her real mom. we all know her real mom has been apart of the show! get your fucking facts straight!

    • teen mom fan

      Your behind Livelife if you read it said her STEP MOM!!! yes her real mom was in the 16 & pregnant and in teen mom as well.
      AND RENAE you are not watching Teen Mom because Adam was living with her and MEgan and Megan had to move out because he was an @$$ then shortly after they broke up gggggeeeeeezzzzzz get your info before you throw stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Person

      Um… ok I live in SD bout 30 from vermillion…so her step moms name is rita, (very nice) and she runs a store in the yankton mall called rita’s purse-o-nalities (awesome store) and im pretty sure shes not a dentist.

    • Sopg

      i have no problem with a father helping his daughter get through the early years of being a teen mom. i do not think he is an enabler; he is a good father and grandfather. this young mom and baby obviously have an advantage most kids do not. i think he is a great father and grandfather!

    • Cindy

      There is nothing wrong with her dad’s website. It is highly professional, attractive, and informative. Nothing wrong with the very pretty model either. You obviously lack any education, intelligence, or filter for your mouth. It says enough that you even follow this show and characters. Another example of immorality at it’s best.

    • Angela

      Harsh article. So what if her dad helped her out. That’s what good parents do. She has since gotten on her feet and is doing quite well. There is no need to come down on people so rudely. Apparently you lack intelligence because your article was ignorant and uncalled for.