Gallery: Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Anti-Semitism

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the past week, you’ve probably heard about designer John Galliano‘s getting suspended from Christian Dior after he reportedly unleashed a string of anti-Semitic remarks in a cafe and was arrested. Now, another woman is stepping forward and released a video of him ranting, saying to her, “I love Hitler” and “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed.” He also calls her ugly. None of the people he insulted actually were Jewish, but John Galliano must have believed they were (stereotype much?). Nevertheless, everyone who was on the receiving end of the remarks was horrified at his hateful words.

It appears that John Galliano might be an anti-Semite, or at the very least, a giant asshole. Unfortunately, he’s not the one to make himself look like an anti-Semite, or at least put his foot in his mouth big-time. Here are some celebrities who have made anti-Semitic statements in the past.

(Photo via Us Magazine)

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    • Rabbi Shmuley

      It is enough to say the word “jew” and you’ll be stamped as an anti-semite. In my past I’ve heard many jews baddly insulting other races. Why for the jews we have separate standards?!

      • Tony

        So your point is that because Jews can also be prejudiced (just like the rest of humanity) that it’s OK to be an anti Semite? I am used to that argument …but only from white racists regarding black people.

      • Ebrahim

        Jews are people and only those jews who are rotten enough on the inside to beleive of “jewish” supremacy are the ones using the term “anti-semitic” to be above anyone else. If you are an American you can be antichristian, antimuslim, antihindu, anti-native-american and go offend billions of people and thats A-OK but you can cross a few rotten zionist pigs. What logic is that: the more people you offend the less of a crime you committed?

        There are lots of good jews and lots of evil one the same as any other group of people that everyone affected by their evil can say so.

        FCUK ADL and all zionists cuz they cant call me antisemitic because unlike them I am an Arab, a real semite.

    • Johnny G.

      Im so sick of hipocryte victimism.
      I wasnt´living under i rock, but sometimes i hope i was, so i dont´have to eat all the stupid “news” shared. Who cares if Galiano is anti-jews!!!! More important things going on right now!!

    • anti zionist

      Imagine everytime the phrase ‘muslim terrorist’ was replaced by the phrase ‘jewish terrorist’ on tv, média, politics etc…can you imagine!?! Wow, there would be SUCH à huge outcry. I mean, they actually developed this website to ostracise celebs who are supposedly anti semetic. People pussy foot around jews bcs the whole world needs to pay for hitlers crimes. Thats why they are allowed to do whatever they want (in palestine) and allowed to name call others without being taken to task. Hypocrisy

    • Ebrahim

      christian pro-zionist are assholes

    • DankoRamone

      So, Jesse James is potentially a Nazi. That doesn’t happen overnight, which means he was likely white powerish while with Sandra Bullock. It’s fair to wonder how her politics lean, in that case. And Sandra did steal Jesse from his wife at the time, porn tramp Janine, who also has a white power thing going on.