Exclusive: ‘Road Rules’ Star Abe Boise Gets Arrested, But He’s Behaved Badly Before

Today, former Road Rules and Real World/Road Rules Challenge cast member Abram Boise (better known as Abe) was arrested for defacing public property and indecent exposure. In English? He peed in public and then, while in a jail cell, smeared poop all over the wall of the cell. Classy!

However, this is far from the first time that Abe has behaved badly. Whether he was having a hot tub threesome with cast members Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson or punching Donnell Langham, Abe’s bad boy reputation has always followed him. A source tells Crushable that Abe caused a ruckus during the taping of last season’s Challenge reunion special. Abe had just written his first kids’  book (yes, you read that correctly), The Star of Happiness. He wanted to promote it on the show, but MTV refused. He showed up anyway, wearing a polar bear outfit (the book features a polar bear character) and started waving a copy of his book around. None of the footage made it to air.

Does his stunt – along with his latest arrest – mean he’s gone from MTV forever? Or does it mean they’ll invite him back, hoping to capitalize on his newest notoriety?

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    • Nicole

      he is a crrazzy man and therefore makes good tv, so for sure mtv will capitolize on that! its what they do best

    • Lindsay Cross

      Oh my goodness, he wrote a book for children? That’s terrifying. And yet… I really want to see it, just out of morbid curiosity.