Rihanna’s Twitter War With Ciara Makes Us Love Her More

Sometimes when celebrities behave badly, it is awesome. Like the Twitter war that went on between Ciara and Rihanna last night. It all started when Rihanna apparently ignored Ciara during the NBA allstars game last weekend. But then Ciara went on Joan Rivers’ TV show and talked smacked. Which led us to Twitter awesomeness…

Of course, the back story is useful. According to MediaTakeout:

So we know what you’re wondering . . . WHY WAS RIHANNA acting shady towards Ciara during All Star Weekend. Well according to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch, Rihanna was in the VIP section of LeBron James and Jay Z’s two king’s party, along with other celebs and LeBron’s fiance Savannah.

Well word is that Ciara, who is one of LeBron’s many JUMPOFFS, tried to make her way into the VIP section. Rihanna (andmany other celebs) thought that it was very CLASSLESS and DISRESPECTFUL for Ciara to invade Savannah’s space like that. And they all shunned CiCi.

If that’s the case, it makes sense that RiRi wasn’t so polite. But more importantly, Ciara airing her grievances to Joan Rivers was lame. Watch the vid:

And it’s understandable that Rihanna would be annoyed. But her Twitter responses are awesome. Check out this one:

Note to self: Do not get on Rihanna’s bad side.

Also, next time I need to write up a fake apology, I’m totally using this approach:

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