Crushable Books: ‘Snooki in Wonderland’ Is A Book That Actually Exists

We are so happy Snooki in Wonderland exists.

Author Phil Edwards has written a modern-day, illustrated Alice in Wonderland… starring everyone’s favorite under-five-foot guidette, Jersey Shore star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi as Alice. Other Jersey Shore characters make an appearance, as well. Here are a few sneak-peak excerpts from the book:

  • “Snooki drowned in a pool of tears flavored like vodka cranberry.”
  • “JWOWW was one of the first heralds to play drum and bass on her bugle.”
  • “The Situation talked for hours in strange and cryptic sentences, using words that made little sense.”
  • “Duchess Angelina: With a talent for collecting trash bags and getting fired from fake jobs, Angelina is a duchess without peer, taste, or a notable book deal.”

You can purchase the literary masterpiece on Amazon for the bargain price of 99 cents! (do it….)

Lewis Carroll is probably rolling over in his grave, but we sure are excited to curl up with a pickle and read all about Snooki’s adventures!

(Photo via Amazon)

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