Gallery: Lesbians Who Look The Most Like Justin Bieber, In Honor Of Justin Embracing His Biebians

Hey, remember yesterday when Justin Bieber cut his hair?! Somehow the world still continues to spin on its axis! Earlier today, Biebs stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show (the ep will air this afternoon), where he claimed that his new ‘do was inspired by Ellen’s own. This comes just a week after Justin admitted being familiar with the amazing blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, which he called “funny” in an interview with Chelsea Handler. Three cheers to Justin for jumping on board with his lesbian fan contingent! Here’s a gallery of some of most doppelgangery Biebians around.

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    • nateshike brown

      that are you doing

    • nateshike brown

      i love you justin bieber

    • zapourzandi

      i love everything

    • Nellykooooooo

      hey i love Justin Bieber very much..
      i bid fan JB.
      JB 4ever…. =)