Who Is Mary-Kate Olsen’s New Boyfriend, Seth Campbell?

Mary-Kate Olsen has been spotted getting hot and/or heavy with a new beau, a year after breaking up with art star bf Nate Lowman. Mary-Kate’s new fella is Seth Campbell, the founder of a sneaker company called UES. Reportedly, MK took Seth to meet her family at a party for her younger sister Elizabeth. Here are some thing to know about Seth:

1. UES’ shoes a re a hit with the celeb set. Miley Cyrus, Diddy and Gwen Stefani are all fans.

2. Seth was born and raised in New York (UES stands for both Upper East Side and Upper Echelon Shoes, xoxo) and attended NYU, coincidentally the same school MK briefly did time at herself.

3. Seth has a tattoo on his left arm that reads “que duermas con los angeles,” which means “that you sleep with the angels.” Hot? He also has his sister’s initials tattooed on his other arm.

4. On the UES Facebook page, Seth lists the brand’s mission as “SHEWELRY,” hence all the jewels and sparkles that cover his company’s sneaks. We anticipate the word will be shortlisted for inclusion on next years list of new dictionary words.

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