Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer’s Breakup Makes Way More Sense Than Their Engagement Rumors

Just a week ago, adorable (but frighteningly too serious for their young ages) couple, Glee star, Dianna Agron, and Stormbreaker star, Alex Pettyfer, were fending off engagement rumors. In fact, two weeks ago, Dianna and Alex both walked the red carpet together for the premiere of sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, in which they both star. Everything seemed to be coming up roses for the young lovebirds. But that’s all changed now.

A source told Us Magazine that Dianna moved out of the home they shared about two weeks ago and is currently “terrified of Alex.” An eyewitness claims that Alex got into a heated argument with Black Swan actor, Sebastian Stan, and accused the actor of hooking up with Dianna.

Which is strange. But actually sounds way more true to form for kids their age than engagement rumors. Dianna is 24 years old and Alex is only 20 years old. They are also super rich and famous. Which makes them more likely to get plastic surgery in the next year than stay together.

I mean, even the rumor that Dianna broke up with him because of racy photos Alex took with two models over a year ago, for photographer Tyler Shields, would be more sensical than the two getting married after filming their first big roles together.

And it also makes for a good story, considering that one of the models happens to be Lydia Hearst, daughter of Patty Hearst. Lydia told TMZ, “I can’t help but laugh because it is nothing more than art, and it is beyond ridiculous that anyone would be upset about it… It was a kiss from over a year ago … it’s time to move on.”

In addition, Tyler Shields is defending Alex. He told Radar Online, “Alex is a great kid - super nice in fact. Everybody was free and single at the time, so, I can’t imagine what the problem was. He didn’t even hook-up with the models we used – everybody just had a laugh during the shoot, that was it.”

Dianna breaking up with Alex over sexy photos taken a year before they started dating, actually sounds healthier than the two running off to exchange vows. Also, if any of this is true (including the engagement stuff) then it’s probably better for everyone that they’ve split. For good measure, take a look at the Tyler Shields photoshoot hotness.

(Photo via Tyler Shields/TMZ)

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