Britney Spears Looks Like Ursula From ‘The Little Mermaid’ In Her New Video

Britney Spears is back. Again. (Time for a new Greatest Hits album, maybe?) Now she’s releasing a new video for her single “Hold It Against Me.” And while the synthy beats may have earned her negative reviews, Britney’s fans are undeterred! However, I have a question about this video: Who decided to dress her up like Ursula from The Little Mermaid?

In the video, Britney seems to be in futuristic electronic war, at one point even fighting against herself (allowing for double the upskirt shots of just one Britney!). But there are multiple scenes of Britney wearing a massive ballgown and dramatically swinging her arms as if she is an evil Disney villain. Also, the gown seems to have a life of its own, rising up like tenticles at various points.

Maybe Britney’s actually supposed to be an anamatronic bride from the future. The gown is white. But Ursula could wear white too. (She’d make a beautiful octopussy witch bride for anyone’s home).

And to further prove that Britney appears to be the villain of her own music video, she is dramatically doused in various colors and dies at the end. If there was a live action version of Ursula’s death scene, I imagine it would look pretty close to this:

So has someone at Britney’s music label decided she has moved past sexy ingenue to the evil villain stage of her career? I think so. Check out the video for yourself:

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    • ashley

      I can’t believe how horrible everything about this is.

      • pathmadewa


    • pathmadewa


    • Duane

      Seriously don’t see what you’re on. There nothing even remotely resembling Ursula in this video. And ursula was impaled by a ship. Whatever you smoked watching that, I’d like some…