Celebrity Lookalikes: New Superman Henry Cavill Has The Same Face As Everyone In Hollywood

We had to stare at this EW cover for whole moments to figure out who was on it. It’s Henry Cavill, of course, the new English Superman, but four or five other actors came to mind before we noticed that big “S.” We guess having such an everyman face (okay, the most attractive everyman in the galaxy) bodes well for that whole putting on a pair of glasses and secretly turning into Clark Kent thing. Take a look at Henry’s lookalikes and let us know if we forgot anyone.

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    • Amanda

      Hayden Christensen
      Alex Pettyfer
      Paul Walker
      Jason Statham

      You are right. This guy looks totally generic.

    • Beth

      The only Superman in my life is Tom Welling. Until he makes a movie; I’m not interested.

    • Lorena

      the one and only is el best Matt Bomer. Off course

    • Greg

      I’m sorry…those “lookalikes” you have posted here…I’m just not seeing it. The closest in resemblance would be Matthew Bomer, and that would make the most sense especially since his name had been bandied about as a possible choice for the role of Superman.

      Also, the amount of color correction and airbrushing that goes into making most commercial magazine covers renders most actors and actresses fairly generic looking; call it the “Barbie & Ken effect” if you like. If you check out more photos of the actors or see more of their film/TV work you’ll notice they’re more unique than you are giving them credit for.

      In particular, Henry Cavill’s performance in “Immortals” was quite good (especially versus Sam Worthington’s “Clash of the Titan’s” performance) and Matt Bomer seems to really shine in “White Collar.”

      I wish journalists, media outlets and serious bloggers would make better effort in being more balanced and knowledgable in their articles/presentations. To constantly keep going back to the well of “Hollywood is a plastic factory and everyone who works there is exactly the same” mentality is disingenuous and unfair to the actors and actresses who actually possess some (arguable) talent. Not every actor who is deemed attractive/popular is fake or untalented just as every “unpretty” actor is in turn more talented. Don’t assume that style and substance are automatically mutually exclusive…