‘Celebrity Rehab’ Finds A Way To Make Angelina From ‘Jersey Shore’ Empathetic

Oh, poor Angelina Pivarnick. The former Jersey Shore star has a love for the spotlight and a tragic inability to hold onto it. The latest? She was negotiating for a spot on Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab show and over played her hand. Now she’s been dropped from next season’s cast.

I can’t tell which is worse: Angelina’s attempt to fake her way through rehab for a paycheck or VH1 and Dr. Drew’s attempt to PAY ADDICTS FOR REHAB ON TV AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WAY THEY BEHAVE AFTERWWARDS. Oh wait. I figured it out.

Here’s the story rom RadarOnline:

“Angelina wasted two months of the network’s time, their money and legal efforts,” a source told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“She got the contracts,” but then didn’t follow through and after that she demanded more money.

Weird. I can’t imagine why someone you’ve identified as an alcoholic would waffle about going on national television to demonstrate their addiction. Also, when you entice dwindling celebrities with a paycheck and the promise of some rubbernecking attention, why are you then shocked when they want more money to let the world watch them humiliate themselves on your rehab show?

Oh wait. There’s more:

“She was fishing for the best deal she could get, she felt she was worth more than they were offering,” the source claimed.

“People at the office would cringe when she would call, knowing they had to hear her  yack on and on about who she thought she was.”

As if baiting former celebrities with this last ditch chance at attention weren’t bad enough, Now someone involved is leaking stories to RADAR about their bad behavior? You do realize that you’re the ones that reached out to this attention seeker to pay her to be on  your show, right?

You lose Celebrity Rehab producers. This story actually made me feel sympathy for Angelina. Who knew that was possible?

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