Video: The Cigarette Licking Girl From ‘My Strange Addiction’

Alright. We need an opinion. Are the addictions on TLC’s gross-out show My Strange Addiction real? Because the newest girl likes to lick ashtrays.

Not only is that gross, it’s also unhealthy. In fact, I feel a little bad post this preview video of tomorrow night’s show. But if I don’t share it, it will just haunt me privately.

Meet Bianca. She “eats pottery up to 150 hours a month.” Recently, she decided the texture wasn’t gritty enough, and started eating cigarette ashes. I had to close my eyes (and voice my disgust) multiple times when watching this video, as Liana will confirm.

Although if you think about it, Bianca is really just taking the middle man out of the bad decisions that girls in Williamsburg make every weekend.

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    • geist

      I wonder that myself. Some of them seem very realistic–I have met people just like the furry girl. But some of them don’t.