Video: Michael Showalter’s Project Top Chef Model

Leave it to Michael Showalter to craft the perfect ridiculous reality show signoff tagline. The comedian has paired with on a new comedy short called Project Top Chef Model – a satire of almost every reality show Bravo specializes in. The best part? When on of the wannabe model/chef/cooks gets kicked off, they get one of these: Sayonara Fuckface!

Warning: This short contains Eugene Mirman. Which means we are programmed to love it. Also, we learned a new way that Eugene is superior to us (other than being generally hilarious at all times and having a better VYou channel than we do).  None of us know how to make a party dress out of a pot roast!

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    • Vanessa Prat

      Hilarious! And I have always had a sweet spot for him, he was The Baxter!