Gallery: 9 Hot Guys With Accents From The BAFTAs

Oh goodness do boys with accents ever make us swoon. (We wonder if people in other countries say that about Americans? Probably not. Sigh.) Which is why we wish we could have been a fly on the wall at last night’s BAFTA Awards in London — so many hot dues with so many delightful accents. Take a look at our gallery of good-looking fellas from the UK.

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    • what the hell

      hahha you guys think these gi=uys are hot, psh these guys look like my grandpa! psh my grandpa is way better looking then them, they look like a gorilla with a beard

    • vanessa niqqas

      haha you think these guys are hot psh, they look like my grandpa! psh ny grandpa looks better then them, they look like a gorrila with a beard

    • adurey bitches

      haha soo true:)man only one guy is hot, the 1st one! hahha i saw grandpa, he say was up i saw nun he say okay i say yup foo!