Questionable Choices: Britney Spears’ Early 90s Modeling Portfolio

Man, what are these “modeling photos” of Britney Spears that just surfaced? And how did she take them all in one year (1998?) when clearly she goes through multiple hair colors and styles during this foray into the world’s most questionable form of photography, the Glamour Shot?

We’re not sure if these photos even count as questionable choices, but we sure do have a bunch of questions about them.

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    • D.J.

      I find these images cute and the little comments underneath each photo as.. really silly :P

    • Vanessa Prat

      ahh the 90s she will be missed, I must say though…I too once made the mistake of the too dark liner and lipstick. It is not something I am proud of… for shame.

    • aleisha

      ahh, it’s amazing how times have changed and how celebs are photographed now, with all the photoshop, fake tans, fake boobs etc atleast these pics of britney are real…

    • malkatz

      This is an old, old promo shoot for her first album. I’ve seen it many times before. It’s not really a secret… just cheesy “she’s underage, how do we deal with this?” photography.