Pikachu Kitty Not Actually Pet Abuse

When we saw this photo were were like “Awww,” and then we were like “Wait, that’s terrible!” but now we’re like “Awww” again because we’ve learned that this is actually a Photoshopped image and not a painted cat. We’re tempted to put a bird on it.


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    • Suki

      Pre edit of kitten.
      His name is toby.

      I made this image.

    • LionMan

      Awww. . wait that’s terrible! . . . awww. .

    • Marielabeille

      Thanx Suki for confirmation because we have all the animal lovers who complain and debate about this photo ! I’ll show them your link as a proof this kitten has definitely not been abused. If you really are the guy who made this, it’s a really astonishing work, congratulations !