New York’s Exclusive Arts Club Doesn’t Hate Women As Much As London Club

The Century Association is one of New York City’s oldest clubs, and not the kind of club where you can watch Harry Potter pole-dance to dubstep. No, this type of club conjures up imagery of old men rolling cigars while laughing at bawdy jokes as they sip their port, getting ready to discuss matters of importance in the literary and art world.

Of course, all of that has changed in recent years, with women being allowed as members. But not everyone is as progressive as The Century, and their “brother club” the Garrick in London still has a “no girls allowed” policy. Which made a lot of ladiez at The Century angry. Women: still ruining it for everyone!

Then again, it wasn’t just the women calling for the Century to be split with Garrick. Apparently the debate got so heated in this private affair that men made speeches about it in tuxes! Other people yelled about George Orwell. A lady of good standing had to stop checking her email because “Some of the rhetoric was scary.” Hey lady, if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the pretentious art club!

In the end, ties were severed with the Garrick until England learns how to be as progressive as us and realize that – at least in matters of arts and music and books and the like – women can hold their own to men.

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