Am I Right Ladies: Can’t Buy MYSELF Love

Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year. Looks like my case of the Mondays is about to become a CRATE, am I right ladies? I mean come on, it’s like I need a snooze button for my snooze button. Anyway, you can run but you can’t hide from the usual suspects spreading love day propaganda all over your commercial breaks. Accept it or turn off your television. So just accept it, because TV is the only thing keeping you from spending Valentine’s Day completely alone.


From the people who brought you Valentine’s Day The Holiday, comes this year’s Valentine’s Day Commercial!

I totes get that Hallmark has to make a commercial for the V-Day, but why does it make single people into second-class citizens? I’m not in a “relationship” per se, but the phrase “I love us” still applies to a lot of things in my life: my cat, the quarter pounder with cheese I had for lunch today, my reflection. After I saw this commercial, I went to three different Duane Reades and a Walgreens to buy every Hallmark Valentine off the shelf just so all the happy couples might have to try a little harder this year. I’m like Robin Hood for single gals. And widows.

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