Sex On The Wire: Valentine’s Day For The ‘Big Love’ Family

• The surprising results for “Why Do Guys” and “Why Do Girls” on Google. Fill in the blanks! (The Hairpin)

• We never thought about it before, but yeah, Valentine’s Day must be really hard if you have more than one partner. But you never hear them complaining! (The Frisky)

• A Belgian senator claims she was only prank-calling her fellow congressmen when she asked them to abstain from sex to end a political deadlock. (CNN)

• Just in time for Valentine’s Day: The love notes Sid Vicious wrote to Nancy before killing her. Awww! (The Gloss)

Tony Hawk is getting a divorce from his third wife because whoops…he slept with his best friend’s wife. (WWTDD)

• New York performance artist Jen Doll wants you to know that it’s your fault that you’re single on Valentine’s Day, ladies. (The Village Voice)

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