Scientific Inquiry: Is Hayden Christensen Actually Getting Younger?

When we spotted a new photo of Hayden Christensen floating around the web, our brain did the whole screeching tire “hold on a minute!” thing. Here’s the situation: the photo on the left was taken yesterday at a screening of Hayden’s film Vanishing On 7th Street and the pic at right was taken 4 1/2 years ago. Is it just us or does Hayden actually look younger in the older image? Is there some Dorian Gray action going on here? Or does the kid just have some super awesome skincare products?

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    • Barbara

      If I understand the point of your article, do you mean he looks younger in the picture taken yesterday?

    • Mimi

      He’s just Hot with a capital H, end of story. ;)

    • Kate

      It’s just you. He looks older in the recent shot, but I’d guess he was hungover in the picture from 4 years ago.

    • LIBBY

      I’d take him either way anytime anywhere! He looks INCREDIBLE!!!!