Hot Shot: James Marsden Is Band Of Outsiders’ New Face

Hey, we think we slept with this guy once! Just kidding, that’s James Marsden, not that dude with the $400-a-month studio apartment by the Hollywood freeway* who thought that five crates of records and a dying cactus counted as furniture. Yes indeed, that’s James Marsden, Hollywood actor, living out some I-sleep-til-noon-and-then-I-talk-about-music-and-philosophy-at-the-coffee-shop-with-Scientologists fantasy like he’s trapped inside a Warren Zevon song. James Marsden, selling clothes by stealing the persona off of the dude who draws your portrait on a napkin at the bar while listening to his own band on his iPod, even though something totally good like The National or Warren Zevon is on the stereo.

Whatever — he’s still hot, and we’d still sleep with him (again).

*Holy moley, we just looked it up and these photos were taken at the Gaylord Apartments (don’t laugh, that’s someone’s name, you juvenile) in LA’s Koreatown. So maybe we have actually been inside that room. In fact, we think that’s our pack of Marlboro Reds.


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