Gallery: Celebs Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is the worst of both worlds — you get the cancer-causing agents of nicotine without the coolness of blowing loopy little smoke rings. But it seems like celebs are fans of the e-cig. Katherine Heigl‘s spotted smokin’ ‘em practically once a week, and other stars like Avril Lavigne and Leo DiCaprio are on board with the trend as well.

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    • lilit

      But where is Allison DuBois from that episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

      • Liana Maeby


    • Turnkeys42

      Please do some research before spreading more disinformation. The FDA study is factually inaccurate. Numerous studies have been done proving the reduced harm of electronic cigarettes. Four chemicals in e-ciggs vs 4000+ in cigarettes. FDA Propaganda vs gas chromotography. Simple math.
      Start here:

    • Thulium

      It should be noted that although some of the tobacco specific nitrosamines that the FDA detected in some e-cigarette cartridges may be carcinogenic in large quantities, the FDA did not detect any carcinogens or toxins in tests on the actual vapor.

      And you certainly CAN have all the coolness of blowing loopy little vapor rings without making yourself and other people smell like an ashtray or any of the other mess or dangers from smoking.

    • Bill

      Cancer-causing agents of nicotine? There’s no such thing. Nicotine isn’t what causes cancer, it’s the smoke. Where do you get the idiots that write articles like these to misinform people and stigmatize new products because it’s easy when people are misinformed?