Exclusive: Did Megan Nelson’s Obsession With Getting On ‘Teen Mom’ Drive Her And Chelsea Apart?

This season on Teen Mom, there was a surprise pregnancy, when one of the stars’ friends decided to follow in her footsteps. In what possibly was a bid to get her own show, Chelsea Houska‘s friend Megan Nelson decided she needed her own baby. We already told you about that. But now it looks like Megan and Chelsea had a falling out due to Megan’s desperate grab for attention.

Megan was living with Chelsea for free after Chelsea’s dad got them an apartment to help Chelsea graduate from high school. Yes. This was a bad idea. Because Chelsea failed to get her GED, the friends eventually got kicked out of their sweet pad. And according to our sources, accusations that Megan stole from Chelsea’s family didn’t help their friendship. But Megan’s desperation to get on TV is what continues to keep them apart:

“She really does wanna be just like Chelsea so she doesn’t care, and honestly just wants an MTV show that’s why she had a fan page.”

The fact that Megan is currently pregnant betrays her interest to be on TV. (That and her social media campaign to get her own show.) She may or may not have gotten pregnant on purpose. But she wasn’t dating her boyfriend Cody very long when that happened.

According to our sources, who say they know the pair, Megan and Cody are still together. Because “he is a good ol’ country boy who believes in doing the right thing.”

But MTV isn’t likely to pick up the story of Megan’s pregnancy. And things got even worse after Megan and Chelsea got kicked out of their free housing, when Chelsea’s dad accused Megan of stealing from his girlfriend.

According to one source, Megan denies stealing anything, and the friends are trying to patch things up. But Megan’s obsession with getting on TV continues to drive them apart. Megan and Chelsea have a fan page on Facebook, but Chelsea really did not appreciate Megan creating her own (they’re all deleted now).

When it comes down to it, getting pregnant to end up on TV seems like pretty a far fetched way to get famous. And in this case, it looks like Megan is up one baby and down a friend and a supporting role on MTV.

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    • Lance

      Why is it that this rag of a blog seems so set on trying to tear down Megan Nelson? Do you know her personally? Do you know any of the teens involved personally? who are your sources? Putting accusations in print is a pretty bold step don’t your think? The way I see it your just simply posting “stories” that will drive readership and “stir the pot” much like the National Enquirer. Obviously any clown with a computer and just enough knowledge to be dangerous can start a blog. Your simply doing it for the advertising revenue this generates.

    • Tanya

      Do you know them personally? Doesn’t matter who the sources are. Teen Mom is the biggest joke ever. It’s the most pathetic show I’ve ever seen. There are lots of girls that know her PERSONALLY who know the real story and well…this seems to fit her pretty well. So before you start accusing this person of just making shit up check yourself

      • Lance

        I know her personally and this story and the person that wrote it are full of $h!t. Who the hell are you anyway “Tanya”?

      • Lance Nelson

        I do know her personally because I’m her father. I also know that what your posting is a bunch olf bullshit. You say that “his seems to fit her pretty well” yet you live nowhere near Sioux Falls. Like I said before, your printing shit just for the READERSHIP! Seriously get some ethics and print some actual news.

    • Lacey

      Megan Nelson wanted to be famous. HERE IT IS! Looks like it bit her in the ass.

    • Nikki

      Exactly Lance! This blog is the worst thing I have ever seen. Megan didn’t do it for the fame. It is ridiculous that they have nothing better to do than write about her and tear her down. There is a lot of people claiming to know her and saying that this fits her but it doesn’t! So what, she got pregnant, at least she is stepping up and doing the best she can in her situation. Quit tearing down someone that you don’t know.

    • Sammy Jean

      I would like to take the time to inform you people who “know” megan and this “serious” reporter what slander is. A maliciouc, false, and defamatory statement or report. Now I will keep breaking this down for you people who don’t understand what this means. Defamatory is injurious to someones name or reputation. Injurious is an insulting, abusive, or offensive statement. I would also like to let you know that in most civil law jurisdictions, defamation is delt with as a CRIME!!! So i think its time you all shut the F*** UP..thanks!!

      • GBRELR

        The girl might be a public figure so any slander would not stand up in court. Take that into consideration. She put herself out there when she signed up for the show.

      • sarah10

        i know her i went to school with her at roosevelt. i used to be friends with her take a look at her back freshmen and sopomore year she looks normal!! oh wait nobody would see those because she took them all down or untagged herself. she was a normal person who was fun to talk to up until teen mom. so you can stop with your slander shit cuz its annoying. she wanted to get pregnant or wanted to be even more famous then she thinks she already is, the worst role model i’ve ever seen.

    • Holly

      I personally don’t know Megan but I do watch teen mom, and even from the first episode, I knew something was wrong. She seemed a bit possessive over Chelsea (with the whole boyfriend thing) and, I find it odd that a teenager would want to give up her “teen life” to move in and help her friend take care of a baby. She’s always playing with the baby on the show (that’s normal) but she just seemed jealous, like she wanted a child of her own. I’m not sure if it is for publicity or if she actually got pregnant by accident but, if my friend got pregnant at 16, I would learn from her mistakes, not repeat it.

      • Jasmine

        You hit the nail on the head with what u said! I agree 150%!!

    • Abby

      This is terrible, 1. Of course she wanted to move in with Chelsea cause she was her best friend and the house was paid for 2. After what the bf did to her friend she was looking out for Chelsea, maybe looking overprotective but I think a lot of girls would be too and 3. If you did know her personally don’t you think she would be a little pissed at this article making her look like a mooching friend?

    • ellie

      WOW!!!!!!!!!! so when did people have the right to start bashing others im sorry but not all stories are real i dont need to know megan but im sure she didnt do it unpurpose and i have a friend who is the same way she watches over me and is always around and she helps take care of my kid like watching him once in a while or play with him so i can get things done…but i dont see her going out and getting prego and okay so what if she signed up for teen mom to be shown with chelsea she woulda be on tv regardless cuz of the simple fact that their friends -_- this shit makes me sick..if ur gunna get mad at a gurl for being pregnant then be mad at the girls who do it in other states just because their in a circle of friends who want it now that is truely gross..god you people are pathetic…lance your a wonderful man to stick up for her dont stop!!!

    • val

      i think this blog happens to speak the truth, everyone who actually watched the show every week wld know that! and she was mooching off of chels and her father! and she got pissed off when adam called her on it. if adam should have to chip in she should have too, and if she couldnt see it that was her own fault, and the only reason she got mad was because she wasnt going to get a free ride anymore! btw getting pregnant on purpose just to be on tv is way fucked up and i feel bad for that baby

      • Morgan

        The only reason Chelsea was upset and crying on the show was probably because Megan was being an immature BITCH about the whole thing. That IS Adams child and his gf/baby mama. I sure wouldn’t want a person like that around my child. Adam was sticking up for whats right. Megan had no reason to get mad at Chelsea. I can’t believe how messed up MTV is and how they decided to chop it all up and show it like that. WOW

    • Jessie

      So what if she got pregnant.. it happens to girls all the time. She seemed like a good friend & i dont think people need to talk smack about her. Just my opinion! I love the show:)

    • Traci

      For one the only reason everyone is attacking her is cause in a way she is famous. some girls in their every day life do the same things that megan has supposively done. but you don’t hear about them and have people talking badly about them. this is Chelsea and Megan relationship n friendship that needs to be fixed and to not even really know the whole story as to whats going on behind sences NOONE has the right to be talking badly about chelsea or megan. If these two girls weren’t known from Teen Mom 2 and all this still happened they would b just fine because they wouldn’t feel they had to make everybody happy that watchs the show by arguing. For two yes i believe Adam deserved a second chance but to be honest from a motherst stand point he didn’t deserve to be living in the house with the girls that Chelseas father pays for. Chelsea for one didn’t have the right to move him in without talking to her dad to begin with. Everybody says that megan is taking a free ride well what about Chelsea doing the same thing. She needs to be getting her GED and instead she’s out shopping when she should be hitting the books and even have a part time job to support her child. Daddy supports her child if u wanna get technical. To be honest everybody in the house should b paying something towards the bills including CHELSEA!!!!!!! For Adam to be an a$$ and text Megan about paying rent or she needs to move out. that wasn’t his position to even bring up. Thats Chelsea’s fathers job. His house his rules and if he felt that Megan didn’t need to pay then she didn’t. So people need to take step back and look at the whole story from everybody’s stand point and stop judging. It amazes me how everybody can like Adam after all the stuff he put Chelsea through on 16 n Pregnant. Telling Chelsea that he wants to sign over that MISTAKE!!! I don’t care if he was young or not when they had the baby. But he made it clear to chelsea then that his car n friends were more important to be a daddy. Yes i’m glad to see him back in the babies life. but for Chelsea to rush back into it the way she did is most likely going to turn out bad and then it’s going to hurt the baby in the end yet again.

    • Melissa


      I Soooo agree with you!

      I hate how ppl who watches the show swear they know her and feel with the right to talk crap about her … Not even the ones who know her should cause nobodys perfect.

    • Traci

      @ Melissa,

      Thanks, I’m just tired of people making Megan to be the only bad person in this whole situation. I wasn’t 16 when i was pregnant but i did have a child at 19. Young enough. It changes ur life around and for a father to do that to their child doesn’t deserve to even be a father in my book. NO let me take that back, my father always told me It doesn’t take much to be a father but it takes everything to be a daddy. adam will never b a daddy in my book. He’s a sperm donor. Lets see how old it takes for him to walk out on Chelsea n the baby. Cuz u know he wont be able to take on Chelsea’s dad for very long before he’s out of the picture. but chelsea doesn’t want to see that. Can’t just throw ppl in and out of kids life it just hurts them more. I just hope she wont regret this one. Cuz in the end she will lose the one friend that always stood by her side and then she’ll b left with no GED, no friend, and no boyfriend.

    • Lance Nelson

      This article and this “Blog” are pure crap just printing things for there “Readership”. The reason that I know this is because I’m her father and I’m sick of the shit that is being said here and by others about her when they don’t know her.

    • Renae

      That’s Kinda Sad.

    • christy

      this story isn’t even true, megan got kicked out of chelsea’s house because adam sent her a text that she couldn’t live there unless she could pay rent. watch the show and don’t make up bull shit stories.

      • Kenzi

        Are you serious?? You actually believe all that shit is true? MTV dont show the REAL situation and the ppl who know Chelsea, Adam and Megan personally KNOW the real story…So instead of thinking you know everything why dont you just stop making yourself look like an idiot. kbye

    • Megan Nelson

      this blog is all complete and utter bullshiiitttt. chelsea and i are completely fine idk who their “sources” are that know us so well. obviously they don’t know us AT ALL

    • UrADipshit

      She wasn’t even pregnant when the show was filmed so it’s pretty obvious you made all this shit up. As for her wanting her own show, I don’t believe it for a second. If she really wanted her own show, we would never hear the end of her. Attention whores have their ways to get noticed and this girl isn’t doing any of those things. Other than fake articles like this, we hardly ever hear of her. Maybe she is just a real person who had sex and got pregnant. Why don’t you leave her alone and let her live her own life?