Video: ‘The Daily Show’ Defines ‘Rape’

There’s been a GOP movement in the House of Representatives to stop the federal funding for extreme circumstance abortions. You know, like rape and incest. But what is “rape” exactly? We all know that forcible rape is bad, but what about when a women is passed out and raped (yes that is rape). What if it’s statutory rape, where it could be two consenting people, one of whom is underage in the eyes of the state (or her parents)? Do those count as well? The Daily Show‘s Kristen Schaal takes a look.

You know, the one part where we agree with this bill is statutory rape, because it’s not defined by a lack of consent. Although you’d think conservatives would be more worried about stopping all those 16 and Pregnant shows by making sure statutory is definitely defined as rape. Then how will they prosecute the 19-year-old deadbeat who knocked up their daughters?!

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