Off The Market: 6 Fun Things We Learned About The McDonald’s McFlurry Maker

I found this McDonald’s McFlurry Maker for $4 at a Goodwill in Delaware. It was taped shut with strong masking tape, making me wonder if there was a monster inside, or if the promised “McFlurry Mix” had grown sentient and was trying to claw its way out.

Unfortunately, there was no McFlurry mix, and since  this McDonald’s product is literally “off the market,” (McD’s must have realized how important it was to keep their trade secrets) packets online were $99 each. Screw that! How hard could it be to make a McFlurry anyway, especially one designed specifically for kids. As it turns out, very hard.

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      One time a McDonald’s employee told me that their milkshakes don’t contain dairy products.