Did Lindsay Lohan NOT Steal A Necklace?

Hey remember when Lindsay Lohan had all that jewelry stolen from her in the Bling Ring case? To make up for it, she may have straight-up walked out of a store with a $2,500 necklace. Like, the cameras have her on tape, trying on the necklace right before it goes missing. Though since there is no footage of her leaving the store, proving it will be harder than getting back your 2g iPhone from some coke-heads at a bar on Avenue A.

But mainly: stop stealing stuff Lindsay! Is that just the one vice you haven’t tried yet? Is it because Winona Ryder kind of got more popular after the Free Winona t-shirts were made? That already didn’t work for you!

This worse than the time her mom abused her free Carvel ice-cream card! Or stole that fur coat? Or that time she borrowed that dress and never gave it back?

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