Gallery: Is ‘Postcards From Splitsville’ The Saddest Site Ever?

Post Secret has long been the place to go if you’re feeling emo or depressed and want to read someone else’s anonymous cry for attention. “Postcards from Splitsville” is being touted as a site that’s like Post Secret, but for kids of divorce. Created by Kara Bishop, it’s a place where “children can share their divorce-related feelings anonymously and parents can get a new perspective on how this life-changing experience impacts their children’s lives. ”

Except that unlike Post Secret, which is arty and schadenfreude-y and sometimes even funny, Postcards From Splitsville is deeply unsettling, and raises some questions of authenticity. Like: How are these kids “anonymously” mailing in their watercolors to this site?

Commenters on Huffington Post seem to have already caught on that the cards on the site are mainly by adults, but that still doesn’t change (and maybe even makes worse) the distressing quality of the pictures.

We don’t have anything really snarky to say about these postcards. They’re just really sad.

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