Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ‘The Book Of Mormon’: Social Commentary That’s Actually Good?

With help from Robert Lopez (of Avenue Q fame), The Book Of Mormon could have easily been a historical farce of the story of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism (for whom South Park has already devoted an entire episode). Growing up in Utah, both Trey and Matt obviously have some axe to grind with the religion, although they both said during the Q&A session after rehearsal, that Mormons are the nicest people in the world.

“They aren’t the people who have a problem with our work,” said Matt Stone, “…and they are fascinating because they really are that nice.”

So what is The Book Of Mormons about? The problems in Northern Uganda, mainly. And AIDS. And two mismatched Mormon missionaries who are dropped into a culture whose own version of “Hakuna Matata” translates into “Fuck You God.”

Although the preview we saw was only 25 minutes (“You’ll know when it’s over because everyone will sing ‘c*nt’ and then take a bow,” Trey said as way of introduction), it was obvious that the songs in the show dug a little deeper than the flippant “Blame Canada” of the duo’s earlier work.

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