Anorexia Watch: Glee’s Lea Michele Reaches Bobble Head Status

Awards season is an interesting time, not only because it decides the fate of many nominated actors’ careers over the following years, but because it allows us to see what the Hollywood glitterati are wearing or looking like over the course of the winter months. In the case of Glee star Lea Michele, she’s clearly been shedding pounds over the last year. But last night at the SAG Awards, she was looking particularly…bobble headed.

It seems pretty clear that Michele’s been on a pretty drastic diet lately. For instance, compare the above picture with how she looked with Glee castmate Chris Colfer at Outfest in the summer of 2009:

Losing a little baby fat is one thing. When your head starts looking like it is too big for your body, you’re pretty clearly in the eating disorder danger zone. And Lea is definitely heading into bad territory. We were worried about her crash dieting when she started intensely sobbing throughout The Golden Globes in January.

But last night, she looked visibly uncomfortable before the ceremony began. And for one last comparison, check out how she looked next to True Grit’s Hallee Steinfeld, who (even for a Hollywood starlet) looks to be a very healthy weight:

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    • crazy

      are you KIDDING? she looks AMAZING and soo much better than she did. you’ve got to be joking…. delusional. Clearly you’re a fat ass.

    • arisel

      @crazy just because u don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to start with stupid immature assumptions that have nothing to do with the post! I think that yes she looks good but definitely not healthy, it is normal for some people to be that skinny but as you can see in the second picture that is not the case with Lea. She’s a beautiful girl but she is looking too skinny nowadays.

    • noted

      I think Lea Michele looks fantastic! She doesn’t look bobble-headed to me at all. She was in no way fat before; but I personally think she looks better now. She still has meatier arms; so she doesn’t look anorexic to me.

    • Amy

      I find this article to be disgusting. She in no way looks anorexic. I’ve been following her career since she was on Broadway and she’s the same size now as she was then. She looks healthy.

      • Meghan Keane

        Amy, she’s not the same size she’s been since Broadway. And such drastic weight loss on such a tiny frame is dangerous. Even if people think she looks “fantastic” now.

    • Jenn

      She’s obviously lost weight, but I don’t think she’s lost it to a dangerous level. Calling her anorexic without grounds can be just as harmful as someone calling her fat. Maybe we shouldn’t *arbitrarily* police someone elses body.

    • fatkid

      no she doest look better she just looks like every1 else and she never was fat and she’s a vegitarian (me 2) and you don’t lose that much weight with that (i can tell). i was kinda anorexic/ boulimic (i didn’t eat ovfer 100 kcal) ( usally i eat like 20) (u need 2000 in a day), so i sorta see when somoane starts having an eating disorder and she’s one of them.