Paz-Watch: Strange Dirty Woman Wields SAG Award Like Knife

Everyone’s favorite dirty person, Paz de la Huerta, took the mic from Steve Buscemi last night during the SAG awards in order to give a rambling, bag-lady speech. (“I want to thank Martin Scorcese, and also my roommate, Oscar the Grouch.” No. Put we wish.)

Technically Paz did win part of the ensemble award for Boardwalk Empire, but from the way she eagerly grabbed the mic to thank the world for giving her a chance to show her boobs on HBO, you would have thought she would have the common sense not to make an even bigger scene backstage.

You’d be wrong. Paz – who plays Nucky’s former moll Lucy on the show – treated her photo-ops like she was Madonna posing for the Sex book, using the SAG award instead of a sex toy. Which you know she went home and did.

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    • Meghan Keane

      Ok. Real question here: Why is Paz so greasy lately?