Lindsay Lohan ‘Worried’ About Charlie Sheen

This is just adorable: Charlie Sheen‘s latest hospital jaunt due to a laughing-induced hernia during a 36-hour drug-and-prostitutes romp caught the attention of Lindsay Lohan. She is really worried about Charlie Sheen, you guys, and in no way should her “concern” for his health be confused for an attempt to remind Hollywood that she is not the biggest screw-up celebrity this week. Here are some other people that are worried* about Charlie Sheen right now.

Jeremy London

Demi Lovato


Miley Cyrus

Jeremy Piven

Gary Busey

Dr. Drew

Paula Abdul


Oh man, imagine if all these people got together for a Charlie Sheen intervention. It would be one of the Bluth’s better parties.


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    • I Heart Sheen

      That is soooo sweet of Lohan to feel that way! I didnt know doing Jimmy Kimmel’s Hottie Body Humpilates work out worked out you heart strings too?!?!