Sex On The Wire: Tattoo Your Weiner, Get A Car!

Dan Savage will now be giving sex advice to college students on an MTV show. That’s actually something we’d watch. (New York Magazine)

Bristol Palin isn’t going to give that sex talk to Washington State students after all. But we had so much to learn from her! (Huffington Post)

• This guy tattooed “mini” on his penis and got a free car. (Nerve)

• If you’re looking to break up but don’t want to do the dumping, here are 5 really passive-aggressive maneuvers. (YourTango)

• Just like winning an Oscar would mean more money for Natalie Portman, so to being with Charlie Sheen when he goes to the hospital makes your porn career skyrocket. (Jezebel)

• Was Tracy Morgan being “subversively feminist” when he said he masturbated to Sarah Palin? (Double X)

• Dallas does not have enough strippers for the Super Bowl. (Buzzfeed)

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