Am I Right Ladies? Kotex Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

That’s right, girls, it’s that time of the month to talk about that time of the month. Last year our sisters at Kotex made headlines when they said enough with weird blue liquid and vagina-censorship in commercials: the K’s gonna play by its own rules. Now instead of pretty women in white, we get edgy gals who aren’t afraid to lay down the snark. You go Gails! Vagina is a still a no-no, though. And with a brief peek into the oeuvre of Kotex commercials (domestic and international), you see the people Kotex is really apologizing for are themselves. It’s like they always say, you can take the tampon out of the girl but you can’t take the girl out of the tampon. Vagina.

UbyKotex: The Past Was So Obnoxious

The future is now, am I right ladies? Less than a year ago, Kotex decided to say what’s been on all of us girls’ minds for the last century: the female consumer finds racially ambiguous women more relatable! And we’ve been feeling the shockwave from this truth-bomb ever since. My saddlebags are still rippling right now!

But seriously, I like this girl – she’s got spunk and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. This commercial does in fact make me want to “have what she’s having,” in this case cotton sanitary products that I can insert inside of myself to control my menses. Sure, I wish she had explained a bit more about the actual product line, or anything about it for that matter, but they’re fluorescent colored, which I like, so I’ll take a baker’s dozen please.

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