Celebrity Lookalikes: Are Chelsea Handler And Jenna Jameson Secret Hate Twins?

Yesterday adult film actress Jenna Jameson took to Twitter, blasting comedian Chelsea Handler. “Chelsea Handler makes fun of people’s kids…Probably because she’s a dried up old whore,” the porn star tweeted, apparently unaware of the irony there.

The feud between the two started when Chelsea called Jenna “raunchy” to Katie Couric in Glamour, which seems pretty tame because, again, porn star. “Raunchy” is putting it mildly. You have become famous for having sex with strangers for money. Not judging, just saying.

Anyway, we’re convinced the two of them are actually going after each other because they know that everyone in Hollywood is secretly confusing the two of them at parties, leading to some wacky and embarrassing cases of mistaken identity. But we can totally see why people have a hard time telling them apart!

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