In (Sort Of) Defense Of Taylor Momsen

For all the different ways Taylor is trying to be subversive with this alt-bitch persona, her music video for “Make Me Way To Die” – where she goes running through a graveyard naked – was bordering on an artistic statement. Having a child (and that’s what Taylor is, despite what she’ll have you believe) as a sexual being is playing on one of our last cultural taboos. Say what you will about Lady Gaga and Madonna screwing with Christian iconography; in a generation of To Catch a Predator, Taylor is openly courting the idea of children being “sexy.” Which is uncomfortable and “wrong” and therefore elevates the video (and Taylor’s identity) to something more important than just another spoiled rich girl who thinks she’s invisible.

And in case you thought this was a case of Britney Spears or Xtina getting sexed up to sell albums: Taylor has a history of flashing crowds during performances as well.

Who knows if Taylor will remain a star or fade away like so many teen celebs do in between rehab stints? But for right now, Taylor is fascinating despite the fact that she thinks she is fascinating. But that’s totally dependent on her remaining young enough to make your dad excuse himself from the room whenever she’s on TV. The hard part for Taylor will be having to find something she’s actually talented in once she reaches the end of puberty.

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