Crushable Quotable: Emmy Rossum’s Vag Pad

When we think of Emmy Rossum, we think of that sweet, innocent girl who played Christine in Phantom Of The Opera. But on Showtime’s Shameless, Emmy is stripping off her good girl image…and most of her clothes. You guys have heard of the “modesty sock,” yeah? Did you know there was a female equivalent for women who get nude on-screen?

I have this thing that I’ve invented with wardrobe and makeup that I like to call the ‘vag pad,’” Emmy, 24, tells Life & Style. “It’s a strip of rubbery stuff that gets adhered to me.”

Honestly, we are trying to imagine how that works. Like a dental dam? But for the outside? Or like pasties for your pelvis? Well, there are worse ways to spend the morning than puzzling over Emmy’s vagina, we guess.

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