Gallery: Turns Out Lots Of People Have ‘Twilight’ Tattoos

Earlier this month, we introduced you to a brave woman with an incredible (and incredibly permanent) Twilight tribute etched into the flesh of her back. Guess what? It turns out this older Twihard (she’s Team Edward and Team Jacob!) isn’t the only person out there with a Steph Meyer-inspired tattoo. There are  folks who’ve inked bright red apples, brooding Edwards, and even some quotes from the, um, not super quotable series. Ah, what unique and special creatures we all are.

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    • Alice

      The photo with the phrase ‘Twilighter Edward and Bella’ in that photo the symbol next to it is the ‘Olympic Coven or Cullen Clan’ symbol which Alice wears as a small collar, Rosalie as a big pendant, Carlise and Edward and Jasper and Emmett wear it as a cuff and Esme sometimes wears it as a small pendant. Bella does not own one.