Is ‘Skins’ Too Sexy? Not Compared To The Real World

Taco Bell was the first company to pull their advertising from the new MTV show Skins due to the racy nature of the show. They were followed by H&R Block (which was totally going after their target audience of 14-18-year-olds?), General Motors, and Wrigley’s. Several of them made public apologies. Which makes you wonder: What did these companies think the show was about?! Did they do any marketing research at all before throwing their money at a show called Skins? It’s not as if the damn thing didn’t have a precedent in an entire British TV show about the exact same subject matter, with the exact same name!

The funny part of this whole Skins controversy is that half the audience is mad because the show isn’t as good as the British version, while the other half is mad that it portrays too much child sexuality (including 14-years-olds getting down and dirty). But in order to properly due justice to the BBC program, MTV’s Skins is going to have to get a lot raunchier. While the American program is already censoring out butts, the original showed full-frontal male nudity (well, the balls anyway). And after news of a lesbian kiss between Sofia Black-D’Elia and another star, parents are already demanding that other advertising be pulled from the show? Yeah, in the original Sofia’s Maxxie was a gay guy. You can imagine how that lip-lock would have gone over here.

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