• Fri, Jan 21 2011

Cutegreggator: OMG, Baby Hedgehogs!

What’s cuter than a baby hedgehog? Two baby hedgehogs! What’s cuter than two baby hedgehogs? 17 baby hedgehogs! Okay, so that didn’t actually have a punchline, but what do you want from us? We did just give you 17 baby hedgehogs, after all.

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  • CurlySarah

    I’m so glad you didn’t publish this as “baby porcupines” because I got the email with all of these same pictures, calling them porcupines… they’re clearly not!

  • celondelon

    What they clearly are is adorable the most heart melting image of my day. Thank you.

  • Mike B

    Wow… that little guy is crazy looking. I wish I had him as a pet I’m sure he would be a realy attention grabber lol!