‘Jersey Shore’ Gallery: What JWOWW’s Art Says About Her

Gawker managed to dig up the personal website of Jersey Shore‘s Jenni Farley (JWOWW), from her days as a student at New York Institute of Technology. You see, long before she and her impossibly buoyant breasts were torn between the love of two juiceheads, Jenni was just a mild-mannered programming student, sketching pictures of Stewie from Family Guy in her spare time. This is a rare opportunity to see the “J’art” behind the JWOWW, and we’ve used our best psychoanalytic skills to determine what the young guidette was really like.

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    • Jaz

      From what you are insinuating, JWOWW from Jersey Shore knows nothing about art and is a total idiot with no artistic talents. You are simply making a mockery out of her: this slide show is connotative of her being a total dunce with only a slight talent for simple sketches.

      I take Fine Art, and although I am not a fan of Jersey Shore, I can assure you that there is talent within this woman’s work and you are unfairly making a mockery of it. She shows true potential within her artistic skills, and I think even if she has made a fool of herself on whatever reality tv show from whatever channel it may be, there is no need to degrade her pieces. (Which, from what I can see, she would be proud of… and so would you – if say you could draw that well).

      The characters on Jersey Shore may not be the most intellectual human beings about, but there is no sense in making a mockery of their work away from the show, which actually shows an amount of talent.

      I believe you are simply shallow minded with an affinity for degrading people, if you really think that it is satisfactory to mock someone’s artistic streak.

      Perhaps one might say you are suffering from the childhood to ‘angsty young adult’ syndrome? Or maybe you simply are jealous because you cannot draw as well as an ‘idiot’ from a reality show. Either way, maybe you should take a trip and look at some of Picasso’s early works: I’m sure that might set your mind at ease as to what is classified as ‘artistic’, as well as being indicative of artistic potential.

      • Drew Grant

        Did Picasso also decorate himself in paint while naked and draw children’s cartoons? That must have been during his purple period.

    • lee

      I don’t think they’re that bad although i doubt she will become the next Picasso, also the little comments underneath where a little harsh.

    • cheka

      ummmh the first one (body graffiti) loooks soooooooooooooo fake ! FIRST: look at the neck its abnormally long {makes a seems as though it was pasted

    • asha

      justin bieber looks hot!!!!!!!!!

    • ashley

      dame he is so sexey