Sex On The Wire: Is Olivia Munn Sexting With Justin Timberlake?

• Has Olivia Munn been sexting with Justin Timberlake? There’s a Social Network joke here to be made, but we’ll leave that to Olivia Munn. (Hollywood Life)

Todd Palin is embroiled in a sex scandal with a massage therapist/prostitute. We always knew he was dumb, but not that dumb. (New York Daily News)

• Meanwhile, worst people ever Kat Von D and Jesse James have put a ring on it. (My Daily)

• Honestly, thank you, Johnson & Johnson, for bringing back the O.B. tampons. (The Hairpin)

• Maxim has a survey…for the ladies! Hint: It’s all about your periods. (The Frisky)

• If you want to have sex, you gotta sound at least a little bit excited, ladies. (CollegeCandy)

• I would actually buy a blow-up doll hoodie. If it was comfortable. (TheGloss)

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