Former ‘Teen Mom’ Sidekick Megan Nelson Is Pregnant And Wants Her Own Show

Alright, this is just depressing. Megan Nelson, the seemingly normal teen who appears on Teen Mom 2 as Chelsea Houska‘s best friend and roommate this season, is now pregnant. Until this point, we were having trouble understanding why Megan would want to live in an apartment with her friend’s toddler – other than the free rent – but now it all makes sense. She wants her own TV show.

On this season of Teen Mom, Chelsea and Megan moved into their own apartment, paid for by Chelsea’s dad. The arrangement was theoretically to ensure that Chelsea earned her high school diploma, but now it looks like the only thing these girls care about are stretchmarks and TV time.

Megan recently posted the photo at left on her Facebook page, showing off her growing baby bump. And now a Facebook fan page has mysteriously appeared, toting the possibility of a new television show starring Megan and Chelsea as they live and learn their way through the struggles of teen parenthood.

What are the odds that Chelsea and Megan created the We want Chelsea Houska & Megan Nelson to have there own show fan page themselves? Pretty high. Check out this description:

I personally think Chelsea Houska from 16 & Pregnant/ Teen Mom and her BFF Megan Nelson should have there own show on MTV or VH1, to show them through there good times, rough times, and teen parenting! Since Megan is expecting & Chels has a 1 y/o ♥

With evidence like this, it’s hard to disagree with the argument that MTV’s teen mom shows are glorifying teen pregnancy. Furthermore, it is pretty solid evidence that Chelsea’s dad’s solution to her dilemma was probably not the best one. If your teen daughter gets pregnant, getting her an apartment with her best friend is probably not the right solution. Especially if both girls are going to spend their days coming up with ways to get on TV.

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    • wintione

      dang i cant believe megan is prego now i was shocked when i hed the news i mean yea its ok to have a baby when your mature and think you can handel the responceablities of mother hood but if your doing it 4 all the wrong reasons thats just wrong and childish not saying megan is but like wow i dont know

    • ally

      I really liked maegan i cant believe she’s pergo.I thought she was more knowledge than her friend but i gess not. But i gess it dont matter now i think she’s doing it for the wrong reasons because i heared shes only dong it for a t.v show WOW WOW WOW WOW good look to you.

    • bonnie

      Is adam her baby-daddy too?

      • Brittany


        Probably! That’s funny.

    • Craig

      Haha not suprised that chick would do that I went to her High School In SuFu Sd everybody ran through her.